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The Advantages of Supply-Only Construction Materials

Posted on by admin

You do not always have to hire a contractor to build a new structure; if you have the necessary skills and time on hand, you can build your own structure with the help of our supply only construction materials.

We, at Leominster Construction, have more than 40 years of experience in the field of construction and materials supply. Being a family-run business, you can be assured of outstanding customer service and some high-quality construction materials.


Why Bespoke Builds Mean You Get Exactly What You Want

Posted on by admin

When you have the chance to create your building from scratch it is a great opportunity to construct a bespoke build specifically to your business needs. Working on a blank canvas can often lead to innovative and inspiring designs which means your building can be exactly how you want it. Here at Leominster Construction, we offer our expertise and skills to provide you with not only a practical building, but also an aesthetically pleasing one. (more…)

How Has Online Shopping Affected the Construction Industry?

Posted on by admin

For many high street shops and retailers, the rise in online shopping has created a constant battle and many are struggling to stay open. The dramatic change in the way people have altered their shopping habits has had a negative effect on smaller retailers. No longer do they pop into shops to grab something or browse around, they do everything from the comfort of their own home, or for convenience on the way to work. Many shops are sadly closing down, however many businesses have started to see the potential that this change has brought. (more…)

Is Indoor Farming The Future?

Posted on by admin

The farming industry has taken a turn for the worse. What with the bad weather conditions we received this year, many farmers will have suffered from a poor harvest, as well as the freezing temperatures having a damaging effect on much of their livestock. Many farmers are considering taking matters into their own hands and preparing themselves for next year. (more…)

Construction Sector Sees Improvement After 18 Months

Posted on by admin

For the first time in six quarters the UK construction industry has seen as increase in output. In the last three months of 2012 the construction sector grew, halting the decline which began in the third quarter of 2011.

In the final quarter of last year, official data has revealed that the construction industry grew by 0.9%. This figure is greater than predicted with the ONS only expecting an increase of 0.3%. (more…)

Planning Rules for Agricultural Conversions Set to Be Eased

Posted on by admin

A new rural reform will see redundant agricultural buildings being converted for a different use without the need for planning permission. Under changes outlined by the Government, this new reform is set to create ‘growth boosting ventures’ for many people and communities.

The reform will alleviate the need to apply for planning permission to convert redundant agricultural and farm building into things like offices, hotels, restaurants and shops – however you would still need planning permission to convert the building into a home. (more…)