Are Things Starting to Look Up for the Construction Industry?

We’re all sick of hearing about the double dip recession and how many years it’s going to take us to crawl out of it, how long it’s going to take to rebuild our damaged economy and how the public spending more money is the way forward! Some positive news might be a little bit more encouraging, and for the construction industry there could be a light at the end of that very long tunnel.

During the double dip recession, the construction industry has felt the full force of the economic crash, suffering a big slump as all around the country, work dropped right down. But in the third quarter, as the economy slowly began to return to growth, the construction industry saw a rise in contracts as well as manufacturing output.

Government experts believe that this rise is down to several things including the stabilisation of public-sector investment as well as the Funding for Lending Scheme which provides cheap funding for banks if they continue to keep lending.

It is thought that the drop in public sector spending will soon come to an end and it’s believed things will really take off for the construction industry then, so watch this space…

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