Save Your Livelihood With Our Agricultural Buildings

With the weather as it has been so far this year, we don’t have much promise for a good spring (what’s left of it) or even a good summer. With all of the snow and ice, a lot of farmers have had to bear the brunt with the effect on their cattle and crops. With the climate change it has been said that coming years aren’t going to be much better. Well here at Leominster Construction we can help.

Specialising in agricultural buildings we have years of experience behind us as well as a wealth of knowledge that we can put into practice. By having a skilled and friendly workforce we are able to complete constructions quickly and efficiently as well as to a high quality standard.

We are able to build a variety of rural buildings including;

  • Corn and silage buildings

  • Cattle buildings

  • Equestrian buildings

  • Potato buildings

Our bespoke service will ensure that we can meet any specific requirements you may have. We take into consideration your budget, requirements and time scales as we understand that as a business you may need the project completed as quickly as possible, which we will endeavour to do.

We offer a fantastic service from the initial process of planning and design right through to fabrication and construction, as well as an after-sale maintenance service. So you can trust you’re in good hands.

So if you’re looking to protect your cattle or crops this year then we’re the people to talk to. Call us on 01568 612943 or contact us via our online form. We can help you shelter your livelihood.