Planning Rules for Agricultural Conversions Set to Be Eased

A new rural reform will see redundant agricultural buildings being converted for a different use without the need for planning permission. Under changes outlined by the Government, this new reform is set to create ‘growth boosting ventures’ for many people and communities.

The reform will alleviate the need to apply for planning permission to convert redundant agricultural and farm building into things like offices, hotels, restaurants and shops – however you would still need planning permission to convert the building into a home.

The Department for Communities and Local Government plans to get this new reform in force by Spring and it will be reviewed again after three years. The Department is currently still working out the maximum size in which an agricultural building can be converted without planning permission. Conversions that are larger than the maximum size will still have to go through a prior approval process to ensure the conversion wouldn’t cause any risk of flooding or transport issues.

The reform has been welcomed by the Country Land and Business Association, they believe this change will allow rural businesses to expand and diversify without having to go through a long and costly planning application process.

However the Campaign to Protect Rural England aren’t as positive about this new reform and are concerned that this move will increase rural traffic and encourage the development of businesses in inaccessible locations.

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