Is Indoor Farming The Future?

The farming industry has taken a turn for the worse. What with the bad weather conditions we received this year, many farmers will have suffered from a poor harvest, as well as the freezing temperatures having a damaging effect on much of their livestock. Many farmers are considering taking matters into their own hands and preparing themselves for next year.

By bringing their farming inside, farmers are able to control all aspects of the growth and production of crops and livestock. They are able to regulate the temperature, light, water and humidity, which can mean that all the crops can grow in perfect conditions. It also means that they are able to grow produce that would not normally be in season.

One of the main benefits of growing crops indoors is that little or no pesticides will need to be used. As the area will be a relatively controlled environment, there will be no need to spray crops with these chemicals as there will be no pests around. Of course special care will still need to be taken, in case of any infestations.

The turnover for produce will be much higher, as the farming can take place at any time of the year. There is no need to wait for something to be in season. This can mean that there are less imports from other countries and a higher profit margin can be made on the produce. Because the crops are grown here, they will be much fresher than when they are imported.

In order to start getting ready for next years’ winter and the colder months, many farmers are already starting to make preparations for their indoor farm, constructing specialist builds to house and protect their crops.

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